Criterion Closet Picks Data Viz is out!

By Adam Nogueira Hadar
Published on Last updated

Exciting news! I've just finished up a quick and dirty data visualization, of the movie picking/discussion habits of the people who have visited the Criterion Collection's closet. You can find it here.

Frankly the hardest part of this little project was generating the data set, as I had to go through each video and make a decision every time as to which movies I should list for that visit. Hopefully if there is a bug or error in the codebase someone will let me know (just @ me on twitter).

But it was fun to brush up on some d3 and python - maybe in the future we'll get some boxplots for each of the items in the list, but now I'd like to relax -- I only want to see a movie title if I'll be watching it!